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General Information Related to Rice Cereal for Infants

Rice cereal for infants is one of many topics that parents usually pay attention to. Many things that related to rice cereal for infants are still asked by parents. Some of those that parents usually wants to know about are below:

When to Start Baby on Rice Cereal

When to Start Baby on Rice Cereal “When to start baby on cereal, at what age ?”  Adequate nutrition for babies is an essential thing …,  so the right age to feed rice cereal to infants is necessary. See what WHO and American Academy of Pediatrics say about this.  READ MORE>>

Rice Cereal in Bottle

Rice Cereal in BottleRice cereal for infants in bottle. Many that said “Mix rice cereal with formula or breast milk will help your baby to sleep better”, and also said something like this  “Your baby still hungry, …”. Is it alright to put rice cereal in bottle?  READ MORE>>

Rice Cereal For Infants: White Rice Cereal and Child Obesity

White Rice Cereal and Child ObesityDr. Alan Greene,  a pediatrics professor from Stanford University said that giving white rice cereal to your babies is like feeding your babies a spoonful of sugar,  white rice cereal has tendency to cause obesity to kids. Find out what Gerber (The leader of the industry on white rice cereal) said about this, and what other doctors said about this. READ MORE>>

Does Rice Cereal Cause Constipation in Babies?

Rice cereal and constipationA mom on the forum state that when she give her baby rice cereal 2 times a day, 2 table spoon rice cereal each, her baby seem to be constipated. Does Rice Cereal Cause Constipation in infants / babies ? READ MORE>>

Brown Rice Cereal for Baby

Brown rice cereal for infantsWhich one better, brown rice cereal or white one? Nutritional Value in Brown Rice. Brown rice is contain more nutrients than white rice. See what 100 grams (about 3.5 oz.) of cooked brown rice contains. READ MORE>>

Rice Cereal for Infant Reflux

This become controversial when the reflux happened in infants below 6 months, and sometimes even at earlier age (2-3 months of age), an age that “infant food” other than breast milk and formula are not recommended. Read more about mom experience in dealing with rice cereal for infant reflux READ MORE>>

Homemade Rice Cereal for Babies Recipe

A step by step video that explain how to make a homemade rice cereal for your babies. The ingredient and the tools you need for the baby rice cereal recipe.READ MORE>>

Information Related to Infants Nutrition and Health Issues

Introducing Solid Foods

Introducing solid foodsThere are several things that you must know before introducing solid foods to your baby. And there is also guiding principles for appropriate complementary feeding from World Health Organization.  READ MORE>>

Infant Feeding Schedule and The Amount of Foods for Age 0 – 23 months

Infant Feeding ScheduleA guidance for infant feeding is something that parents usually search for their babies .  How much should my baby eat? My baby is 6 months old, what kind of food should I give to my baby?. READ MORE>>

Infant Acid Reflux – Infant Reflux Symptoms and Treatment

Infant Acid Reflux - Symptoms and TreatmentInfant reflux is common and usually normal for infants. But there are some chronic infant reflux cases that you need to know the symptoms. And there are also some treatments that can help reducing “mild” infant reflux . READ MORE>>

How to cure Acid reflux in Infants

Acid reflux in infantsDr. David Hill, pediatrician from Cape Fear Pediatrics talk about how to cure acid reflux in infants. He talks about sign and the treatment on acid reflux in infants. READ MORE>>